Kyler Murray: We should have the best offense in the league with Marvin Harrison Jr.

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The addition of rookie wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr., according to Arizona’s quarterback Kyler Murray, elevates the team’s offensive output.

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Murray remarked, “I think that takes us to another level,” according to ESPN. “Obviously, a person who is capable of winning one-on-one matches has to go for it, and he is aware of that. We all know this, but there is a guy out there who is capable of controlling coverage and other things of that nature, even though he isn’t open. While I’m thrilled to be able to develop that with him, I also fully anticipate our offensive to be the best in the league when he performs at his current level.”

The No. 4 overall pick is special, and everyone on the team knows it. Harrison stated that during drills at the start of the offseason, he deliberately lined up behind the more experienced wide receivers to demonstrate to them that, despite being a rookie, he knows his place, but it was soon evident that he belongs at the front of the line.

Harrison remarked, “I didn’t want to come in here with a big head.” “Even small things like that were things I knew I had to acquire. Allow them to lead the way, as they deserved to. And so, since they recognize my value to the squad, they sort of let me take the lead at this point.”

Harrison offers the team a whole new offense—one that ranks among the best in the NFL, if Murray is correct.

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